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      1. Your Brand.
        Our Wi-Fi.

        Boingo's award-winning Wi-Fi network spans more than a million hotspots across six continents. Whether it's a simple roaming agreement or a completely turnkey Wi-Fi product under your brand name, our Roaming and Private Label solutions extend your network reach and add value for your customers.

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        Room to Roam

        Room to Roam

        Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to wireless service. If you’re a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), ensure your mobile strategy keeps up with demand by enabling roaming onto Boingo’s network. Our award-winning network includes more than a million premium hotspots at locations around the world, including airports, in-flight, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, convention centers and more. Plus, our Passpoint-enabled hotspots provide consumers with an industry-leading enhanced mobile experience. Passpoint makes Wi-Fi as easy as cellular–no usernames or passwords to remember. No network to manually select. Just automatic, fast and secure connectivity on compatible devices.

        Roaming Partners

        Our Wi-Fi is Your Wi-Fi

        Give your customers one-click roaming access to Boingo’s ever-expanding global network of more than one million premium Wi-Fi hotspots with our turnkey private-label service.

        1 million+ premium locations

        Includes 150,000+ Passpoint-enabled hotspots (and growing!)

        Boingo smart client software simplifies the end-user experience

        Available as software development kit (SDK)

        Network Access Options

        Managed and Operated Network

        Boingo’s managed and operated network provides access to global commercial hotspot locations–including the world’s top airports, shopping centers, stadiums and more–reaching 1+ billion consumers annually.
        Aggregated Network

        Extend your reach even farther on Boingo’s aggregated network of 1 million+ premium locations from more than 100 operator partners in 100 countries. Your customers will enjoy ubiquitous Wi-Fi service worldwide in airports, cafes, hotels, convention centers and more. Now that’s global connectivity.
        Bring Your Own Network

        Have existing network agreements you’ll need to incorporate? No problem. Boingo’s carrier-class back-end systems are core to our service. The Boingo platform supports your exising direct network agreements with hotspot operators (HSOs) to provide a single integration point for your Wi-Fi roaming requirements.

        Private Label & Wholesale Partners

        Expert Perspectives on Boingo’s Roaming & Offload Solutions