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      1. Wireless Wins

        Nearly 80% of consumers use their mobile phones during live sporting events. Keep your fans cheering and connected with future-proofed networks that stay ahead of game.

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        We're Your MVP: Most Valuable Partner

        Boingo is a leader on and off the field. We help our venue partners realize their vision of the connected fan experience. From techy tailgates to on-demand concessions, Boingo will help you merge the digital and physical game day experience to delight fans, deepen loyalty and generate more revenue. With over 15 years of experience working with some of the most storied sports and entertainment venues in the world, Boingo brings wireless innovation to center stage.

        Soldier Field

        Hollywood Bowl

        Kansas State University

        Philips Arena

        University of Arizona

        University of Houston

        The Connected Venue of the Future

        • It's a triple play! Wi-Fi, DAS and Small Cell solutions provide a comprehensive wireless experience, keeping your fans connected from tailgate to tipoff to the tie-breaking shot.

        • Blazing fast Wi-Fi enabled the ultimate fan experience. Give users the power to stream instant replays, check fantasy scores and share the next viral sensation.

        • Boingo's Managed Services takes the guesswork out of your wireless network. From analytics to Customer Care to network maintenance and monitoring, we handle it all so you can focus on producing the next big event, not your network.

        Our Biggest Fans

        Check out how our partners are making the most of their wireless networks in our series of Stadium Stories.

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        Boingo Radio

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          Soldier Field's Serra on Sports Business Radio

          Luca Serra, Director of Sponsorship & Media at Soldier Field, discusses working with Boingo to retrofit an older building with state-of-the-art wireless54.57

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          Boingo's Doug Lodder on Sports Business Radio

          Boingo's Doug Lodder discusses the latest connectivity trends, including the future of connected stadiums, 5G and small cells.49.56

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          Atlanta Hawk's Steve Koonin on Sports Business Radio

          CEO of the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena Steve Koonin discuss the future of the NBA and the importance of connectivity to today's fans.24.29