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      1. Get on Board with Our
        Transportation Services

        Boingo's name is synonymous with airport wireless. Our airports and transportation hubs service over 1 billion passengers annually—that translates to 1 in 7 people on the planet Earth passing through our managed and operated transportation venues. Mic drop.

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        Fly High with Boingo

        We don’t like to toot our own horn, but the numbers speak for themselves. Boingo is the largest operator of airport Wi-Fi and DAS networks in the U.S. From airports to train and bus terminals, Boingo helps travelers stay connected and content.

        Partners Include:

        Los Angeles(LAX)
        Port Authority of NY & NJ

        First Class Managed Services

        While our customer-facing retail business is prominent in the travel space, we also provide a slew of behind-the-scenes, fully managed services to our venues, ensuring that our partners and their customers receive outstanding service and customer support throughout their journey with Boingo. Our managed services suite includes:

        • Wi-Fi service featuring our SMART networks: Buckle your seatbelts, our blazing-fast SMART Wi-Fi Networks will keep passengers and tenants happy and connected throughout their journey.
        • Neutral Host DAS & Small Cell: Boingo is an expert in building flexible networks that can support multiple carriers, so you can monetize your network and elevate the traveler experience with enhanced cellular service.
        • Sponsorship & Media: Monetize your Wi-Fi with Boingo’s proprietary sponsorship platform. Watching a quick advertisement for free Wi-Fi? We’re on board with that.
        • Customer Support: You don’t have to be a platinum rewards member to take advantage of Boingo’s award-winning customer service. With 24x7x365 customer support, Boingo takes network management and maintenance off your plate.
        • Passpoint/Offload: Automatic. Fast. Secure. Passpoint is your passport to seamlessly connected passengers and monetization through carrier offload.

        See how Wi-Fi, DAS and Small Cell can benefit your business.

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        The Boingo Fleet

        Boingo is proud to work with the world’s leading transportation hubs, and we love it when we hear their feedback.